This chapter presents a diverse overview of selected features in the North Atlantic Igneous Province (NAIP). Subjects include the size and distribution of the NAIP as well as the geochemistry and geochronology of the volcanic rocks. These give insight into the dynamic evolution of this classic large igneous province (LIP). This is done by presenting onshore geological maps (Section 9.2) from the volcanic parts of the North Atlantic region together with maps and data from the vast offshore regions. A new map is compiled of the seismic facies of the volcanic units (Section 9.3) that is based on published data supplemented by public data available to the surveys. Descriptions of igneous centres, which are a vital part of understanding the earliest episodes of the volcanism, are included in relevant sections. A new geochronologic database (Section 9.5) that is recalibrated to the Gradstein et al. (2012) timescale is presented and summarised. A geochemical database (Section 9.6) compiled from survey data and existing online databases is presented in series of regional charts. Finally, a brief section is included that shows maps of the top and base of the basalt where it has been mapped from seismic reflection data (Section 9.7).