Gravity and magnetic anomaly mapping is an essential geophysical method for evaluating or re-evaluating an area from basin to regional scales. In frontier and under-explored areas, where seismic data are sparse or non-existent, aeromagnetic acquisition is an inexpensive and efficient way to obtain and/ or refine a picture of the structural setting of a study area. Aeromagnetic data can also be useful for the strategic planning of new seismic and electromagnetic surveys and to help define potential prospects. When integrated with seismic and gravity interpretations, modern aeromagnetic information can reduce the risk of making faulty geological interpretations. Gravity and magnetic data are independent of seismic data, both physically and in terms of how the measurements are made. A joint interpretation that combines seismic and potential field data thus produces a synergy that helps to significantly improve and validate the geological and structural interpretations of potential prospects.

Chapter 4 presents a new magnetic anomaly complation of the region as well as an overview of how the total magnetic intensity anomaly is derived.