This chapter presents summary descriptions of the areas immedi- ately surrounding the main NAG-TEC study area in order to provide a wider plate-tectonic context for the North-East Atlantic region. These peripheral areas include: the North Sea Basin, the Celtic Sea, the Iberian continental margin, the Newfoundland continental margin, the West Greenland continental margin, the south-west Barents Sea and the Eurasia Basin (Figure 11.1). This ‘greater’ NAG-TEC region has experienced a shared geological development since early Mesozoic time linked to the breakup of Pangaea – a supercontinent that arose through the gradual amalgamation of many of the Paleozoic continents in Late Carboniferous/Permian time – and which ultimately led to the development and arrangement of the present-day continental masses.

The tectonostratigraphic information gleaned from the peripheral areas is intended to provide another level of data to take into consideration in order to better understand the evolution of the North-East Atlantic region.